John Montana

John Montana has always been passionate about photography and food.  John has always been fascinated by food’s inherent liveliness—its myriad pallet and textures—He successfully captures that quality and communicates with the viewer through his photography.  His extensive work with food and beverage clients including the full gamut of Kraft Foods brands, Absolut, Remy, Grey Poupon, Kozy Shack, Unilever and Dannon.  John has proven that there is no cheese pull, splash, pour, bubble or drip that he can’t successfully capture.  He approaches each with calm and technical proficiency that renders mouth watering results while putting his clients at ease during the process.  His goal is to make you want to ”pick the food up off the page and eat it” and he does just that.  His lighting captures every luscious nook, cranny, crumble, dollop, dimple and swirl, imploring viewers to taste with their eyes.


When John is not shooting, he loves cooking for his family, woodworking, cycling and brewing beer.